Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This weekend I have received 40 plus emails regarding my current champion selection. Yes the rumors are true: I have started a long series of rapes with Karthus.

Are you critting with Karthus? No. You have noticed I have broken the golden LolTheorist rule of ABC (Always Be Critting) but I am also a pioneer of LolTheory and so I will venture into new territory and claim it as my own.

Is YOUR Requiem (Requiem for a Team directed by Birds McCoy) more devastating than the movie (Requiem for a Dream)? Let's just say that Poppy and Annie not only went ass-to-ass, they went ass-to-mouth and then got slowed and killed by my AOE.

Which came first Requiem for a Dream or Requiem for a Team?
Well you tell me, which came first: The chicken or the egg?

-Birds McCoy

Saturday, October 9, 2010

When to SURRENDER ? A Guide

Are you a surrender noob? It is okay, I have seen one hundred plus.
First and foremost, you can surrender at 17 minutes in 3s. Don't worry about the minimum surrender time for 5s because if you find yourself waiting for that you are the biggest noob and will probably get your nexus destroyed soon anyway.
When you have good crittance on your team, don't surrender - crittance is an investment in the mid and end game. Once that infinity edge is poppin and the enemies are getting their tails crit, you may witness a large swing in momentum. That's the only strat you need to worry about now, because if you ain't crittin, you ain't shit.

No critters? Surrender.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The rumours are TRUE: SWAIN is BASED on your local league EXPERT and BLOGGER!

Rumors have swirled about in the LoL Community ever since the announcement of Swain: The Master Tactician. Is it just a coincidence that this new champ has a Bird on his shoulder and is also master of tactics and theory? No. It is indeed based on the LoL Theorist and his original sub-title was "Swain: The LoL Theorist". Due to copyright reasons, it had to be changed (and also his lore editted).

Thanks anyway Riot!